Solitude meets Solitude

As most of my friends and family know, Monday's and I have never quite seen eye to eye on anything.  It's definitely NOT my favorite day of the week.

Today was different though.

One of my very dearest friends, Meghan Gravatt, of Lake Placid's Solitude Catering, came down to play in the soap studio.    We had so much fun, catching up on life, making plans to take over Whiteface Mtn after opening day and planning to make more soap.  This was her first experience making cold processed soap.  She helped me make a very pretty lavender soap today that is colored with alkanet root and then we made a soap for the guys.  I seriously can't wait to cut this one and see how the swirls look on the inside.  It's scented with Tabacco & Bay Leaf.  

Both of the soaps made today will be available on December 21st.