Friday afternoon thoughts

we believe laughter is the best medicine

we believe a smile as enormous power

we believe hugs are transformative

we believe that matching bra & panty sets set the mood for the day

we believe in shaving our legs every single time we shower

we believe in our sense of smells ability to transport us thought time

we believe that soft smooth skin is always an invitation for a luxurious backrub

we believe that playing awesome rock and roll while making soap, makes a great bar of soap

we believe in the power of crystals

we believe energy never dies

we believe in a glass of wine every day (in moderation of course)

we believe in supporting other small businesses

we believe in breakfast for dinner

we believe that an hour spent in balasana is still yoga

we believe if you surround yourself with good people, good things will happen

we believe conserving water is the best way to shower ;)

we believe in never skimping on quality

we believe in our connection with mother earth

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