Self care in the mountains

As a solo business owner, we wear a LOT of hats. Bookeeper, accountant, manufacturer, website developer, socialmedia marketing guru, face of your brand.. the list goes on and on and on.  More often then not, our buiness becomes all encompassing and we find ourselves tired, burnt out, exhausted and the joy we once felt about what we do can be hard to find.  

So, I decided that in order to maintain my sanity, I needed to take some time to work on ME and a month ago, I started doing functional strength training with Bailey Van Ness at

Bailey took the time to learn about my disease and how exercise and physical exertion effected my calcium levels.  She has put together an amazing program for me that I seriously love doing and she has celebrated every step forward (no matter how big or small) that we've taken. Our goal between now and the springtime is to build up enough endurance to walk the 5 mile circle that is uphill and downhill so that after mud season is over, she'll be my hiking partner and I can finally take in the breathtaking beauty that the High Peaks has to offer from above 4,000 feet.


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