Fisherwoman to country girl...

I have always had an adventurous palette, for the most part.   I love Pâté but a plate of liver and onions will leave me retching and DON'T get me started on Lima beans.

Growing up on the north shore of Long Island, we had our pick of different things to serve for dinner.  Grabbing a fishing rod and running down to the beach at dusk OR dawn wasn't unusual and we had our choice of snapper, bluefish, stripped bass, flounder, fluke and weakfish.  Lobster was often on the menu as were clams, mussels, and oysters.   We also had an amazing organic garden, LONG before organic gardening became an IN thing.   We lived off what we gathered, grew and caught.   Those experiences have stuck with me for the last four and half decades and I often find myself yearning to go back to that simpler way of life.

I no longer live on Long Island's North Shore and fresh fish in the mountains is a vastly different thing then what I grew up knowing it to be, but we still maintain our organic gardens and while my fishing rod has long since been retired, I love the fact that I can still wander outside and gather items for tonight's dinner.

Nothing tastes better than food grown with your own two hands.


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