Body Oil in your skin care routine

I've had many conversations with folks about skin care, their routines, what their concerns are and what I can do as a formulator to help address those concerns.  

The biggest concern that comes to mind, especially for those of us that live in the north country of New York is dry skin.  Our winters are LONG and the summers can be short but HOT and it takes a toll on our skin, along with age, and genetics,… you get the idea.

Body oil was something that intrigued me and the more research I did, the more I knew I had to include this in my skincare routine.   

Body oil is our dry skin rockstar product!

There are many benefits to using body oil but the biggest one is that it hydrates and moisturizes dry skin.

Good body oil is formulated to penetrate deep into the skin, locking in moisture and helping to prevent dryness.

Our body oil is made with Organic Apricot Kernel Oil, Safflower Oil, Rice Bran Oil, and Sunflower Oil.

Apricot Kernel Oil is used to nourish the skin and helps to decrease the appearance of fine lines, improves skin tone, and increases skin radiance, giving your skin a youthful glow.

Safflower Oil is used to help create a moisture barrier as well as being a fast-absorbing oil that delivers essential fatty acids and nutrients that provide our skin with additional moisture and hydration.

Rice Bran Oil is a deeply hydrating and nourishing oil. It helps support skin health by increasing natural regeneration, encouraging moisture retention, and enhancing the appearance of the skin surface.  It leaves the skin looking and feeling supple, silky, and radiant.

Sunflower Oil is used to hydrate and soften the skin, it prevents moisture loss and facilitates skin cell regeneration.

I use mine religiously every time I get out of the shower before drying off.  A small amount the size of a quarter will help to lock in moisture and leave you looking positively glowy, it's gently scented so you'll smell fantastic too.

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