Shower Steamers

Our mentholated shower steamers have been a runaway hit so far this holiday season.  Many folks have asked me what are they, what purpose they serve and how in the heck do you use one.

Shower steamers are made with the purpose of releasing aromatherapy into your steamy bath/shower. Our steamers are very simple to use.  Unwrap and remove the foil, and place the steamer at the bottom of your shower. Allow a few drops of water to activate the puck, it will start to fizz. Place the steamer on the ledge of your tub or shower, away from any running water and as your shower/bath steams up, the aroma of the steamer will fill your space. 

Eucalyptus steamers are good for when your head is stuffy, Rosemary will help you get your focus on for the day and our Grapefruit Pine fragrance is like someone you love giving you a huge warm, hug.

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