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Wash your hands essentials


What started out as an adventure travel pack has morphed into something much more essential for those with school aged kiddos (mine is a teenager), essential workers, road warriors, campers, hikers or anyone that simply can't stand using "hand cleanser" in public places.

My son will be going back to school twice a week when our little school here in the mountains reopens after Labor Day.   He'll be going into school with several items in his backpack.  A tin of pocket soap, lip balm and a take along lotion bar.  

Hand Sanitizer works in a pinch, but it doesn't replace washing your hands with soap and water.  Having your own soap means you have one less thing to touch in an otherwise high traffic, public area.  Lip balm for those that might chew on their lips under their masks throughout the day and the take along lotion bars will help keep clean hands, soft and moisturized.

The lotion bars are unscented, the fragrances for the pocket soap will vary and for the eco-conscious folks, PLEASE SAVE YOUR TINS!!!  We have refills available for both the pocket soap and the lotion bars.