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Skin Trifecta


Lets face it.. skin starts to go downhill after 40, after 50???  ugh.

Adirondack winters are hard on anyone's skin, but especially the 45 and over crowd. Most folks up here heat with a wood stove from late October through May and that, takes a toll.

Enter the solitude skin trifecta.  Our skin trifecta was born out of necessity due to the fact that I looked like a shedding snake and my fingers would crack and bleed.

Our emulsified body polish is the first product used and it sloughs off dead skin in the shower, using a combination of sugar, and skin loving butters and oils.  

After the shower, and before towel drying, I liberally apply body butter to those areas in need of extra tough TLC.  Elbows, legs, feet and hands.  Our whipped  body butter is made with handcrafted, organic, unrefined shea butter that your skin will simply drink in.

Lastly, a small amount of our lightweight, body oil applied to the skin will help seal in moisture. 

Psst! It works great on dry summer skin as well.