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Indigogo Salt Bars


Have you ever spent time at the ocean and noticed at the end of the day that your skin looked a little clearer, perhaps a little smoother?  Growing up on Long Island's north shore, my skin (especially as a teenager) was always a bit brighter and clearer during the summer months.   Chalk it up to the amazing properties of sea salt.  

Sea Salt is an awesome ingredient in your skin care arsenal.  It can act as a moisturizer,  exfoliator and detoxifier.  It also makes for a rock hard bar of soap that will last a long time in the shower. 

Our Indigogo salt bars are made with Coconut Oil, Fine Sea Salt, Aqua, Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH), natural colorants, and a blend of essential oils.

We have two fragrances to choose from in our Indigogo Salt Bars-

Blend 1 contains peppermint, lavender and anise essential oils

Blend 2 contains sweet orange, litsea cubeba, lemon, clary sage and lavender (it's a bright happy floral citrus scent)