Our Story

My mother used to go to a small boutique for her work suits when I was growing up.  In that shop, she was waited on by a single person, who gave her their undivided attention from a 'hello' to handing over her garments.  That experience, one that I witnessed repeatedly throughout the years, stayed with me.  


I didn't start out to have a 'soap business'.  In fact, my love of soap making, and in turn, body care and wellness products stemmed from a request from my husband for a Christmas list.  He took one look at the halfhearted list I had thrown together for him and said, "You have boring hobbies."  You must know my dear husband to understand here, that it was said in a way that both got my attention and lit a small, but undeniable fire inside of me, and I decided in that moment that I would do something very different.  Something new.  That I would be, something new.  So, I asked for a soap making kit.


Several years later, soaps have become a ritual, a place of alchemy where I find solace and sense, and as it turns out, some people really like them.  When I first started selling soaps to some friends and local customers, I just wanted to offer people some NICE SOAP.  Over time, I've come to understand that soaps are far more than a nice smell on clean hands.  The ingredients in my soaps are completely natural, and fully intentional - and that is a living metaphor for what I hope to infuse in each customer's life that my products touch.  Intention.  Nature.  Solace.  A return to natural balance and peaceful simplicity.  I learned through my own health struggles that we are what we put into our bodies, but what about we put on our bodies?  My hope is that in using these products, you will feel a renewed sense of self, and the same soft joy and satisfaction flowing through you that I feel when I hand pour each batch.  


I'm Jenn.  I live in the Adirondack mountains with my husband, son, and parents, run a family business by day, and listen to more loud rock than you may think appropriate for an artisan soap maker.  I hope to infuse both a little bit of rock and roll, as well as the energy of the mountains and rivers I am fortunate to be surrounded by everyday into these products, and that same intention and service into each customer relationship that my mother experienced in that boutique on Long Island when I was a child