Meet the Maker

I'm Jenn, the founder and creative brains behind Solitude Soapworks.  We love making gorgeous functional pieces of art that not only smell great, are beautiful to look at but are also amazing at what they do best, cleaning your skin.  We do this by making our products in small batches, (30 bars or less), which allows us to pay close attention to detail and ensure we put out a high quailty product you can feel good about using.

Our studio is located in the Northern Adirondack Mountains where our weather is wonky and winters can be especially harsh.  Our soaps are made with this in mind and are formulated for senstive skin. Sensitive skin doesn't mean you have to wash with a boring bar of soap.  

It is my goal to share the peaceful energy that surrounds me by providing products made from the heart, with love and intention.  We want you to turn your shower time into a sanctuary, a place to escape to for a few moments of Ahhhhhhh all while treating your skin with love and respect.

Thanks so much for stopping by!