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About us

  • I struggle at writing. It has always been a struggle.  Lets just say good prose is not my strong point.
  • However, I excel at creating although I am not overly creative.  Years of art lessons taught me how to mix colors but I still can't draw a recognizable stick figure, it's sad really.
  • Pregnancy changed my sense of smell and 14 years later, the olfactory sense is still working overtime.
  • I love how scent can trigger a long forgotten memory.
  • I think there is nothing more indulgent than a hot shower, a fragrant bar of soap, a scrubby, a mug of shaving soap, a shaving brush, a sharp razor and sugar scrub!!  (only to be followed up with lighter than air body butter, pretty smelling body oil and a fluffy bathrobe)
  • My husband said my hobbies were boring.  I threaten to wash his mouth out with soap frequently >;)

I'm Jenn, the creative mind, founder, chief, cook and bottle washer here at Solitude Soapworks.  We and by we, I mean I, formulate, create, and manufacture small batch bath and body products.  I am an executive by day and soapmaker the rest of the time.  Working from home has its perks.

I fell in love with soapmaking with the very first batch I ever made.  It's hard to describe, a religious experience probably comes close though.  Soapers are known for being extremely passionate about their craft and I absolutely LOVE what I do.  I still marvel at the process that occurs when you introduce an alkali to a fat and it turns into a salt... It's  magic I tell ya!

My goal is for my customers to find joy in the mundane, to give them, perhaps, a trip down memory lane, or relief from problematic skin or just an amazing, bathing experience, with a decadent bar of soap that serves its intended purpose.. it cleans.

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