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Our sugar scrubs were made to combat moisture starved, scaly winter skin that is so prevelant during our Adirondack Winters.  (yeah, I'm looking at you, wood stove)

Our sugar scrub will exfoliate dry scaly skin and leave your skin clean, smooth and glowing without the need for additional lotion. It becomes lotion-like when you add water, so scoop out a small amount and scrub away.

For best results, do not let water collect in the jar or the sugar will dissolve. 

Each batch is lovingly made to order with: sugar, rice bran oil, emulsifying wax, cocoa, and shea butter, beeswax, Propylene Glycol, Diazolidinyl Urea , Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate (a preservative), fragrance.   


Each jar contains 8 ounces of sugar scrub.  

♻ our jars are recyclable.  Doing our part to love mother earth.

All of our fragrances are skin safe and phthalate free.

Scent Descriptions

Gilded: Rich honeycomb, sensuous sandalwood and rich amber

Raspberry Mimosa:  Top notes of Apple, Raspberry, Sparkling Champagne mingle with heart notes of Pink Lily, Jasmine and peach while a base of Coconut and sugar gives depth.

Boho Dreams: Crushed Lavender, heady Jasmine and earthy Patchouli brings back memories of the Summer of Love.

Tiger Lily: Delicate tropical flowers mingle with bright citrus.

Chcoolate & Honeycomb:  Smells exactly like its name.  

Pink Lemonade: Lemon with a touch of sweetness

Roasted Coffee:  need we say more?

Sweet Orange:  fresh picked sweet oranage with a hint of mountain honey.

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Body Polish

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